Peter Dekens


I had the chance to become part of Vicky’s life for a short period of time. I came into contact with people who were working for an organization which supports female single parents. Through them I met Vicky.

In 2008 Vicky not only lost her husband but also the control over her own life. As a mother of four, she has a hard time trying to make ends meet, leaving her irresolute and agitated. Her restlessness is aggravated by the circumstances at home. She often has arguments with her four adolescent children, while their friends and lovers walk in and out of the house and their pets run riot. There are often tensions and conflicts.

I especially like the photograph in which I portrayed Vicky sleeping with headphones on. It is almost like she needs controllable noise to draw out the noise she finds uncontrollable each and every waking minute of the day.

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