Peter Dekens

(Un)expected at the Photobook Belge exhibition at Fomu (Fotomuseum Antwerp), 2019

Exhibitions / Acquisitions

Photobook Belge - book & exhibition (2019)
(Un)expected was selected for 'Photobook Belge', the reference work on Belgian photo books from 1854 to present. A publication and exhibition by FOMU (Fotomuseum Antwerp)

Shaky Ground is also included in 'Recent Publications' of the Photobook Belge exhibition at FOMU Antwerp, these are photo books that were published after April 2018.

mixing / Memory and desire, former Bredaas Museum, Breda (2017)

From 22 September until 22 October 2017 BredaPhoto presented the exposition 'mixing / Memory and desire' with work of seven photographers who made an international breakthrough since their debut at BredaPhoto. Participants are Max Pinckers, Tom Callemin, Sanne De Wilde, Frederik Buyckx, Lisa Spilliaert, Philip Schuette and Peter Dekens. More info

Fuseum of Motography of Brussels (2017)
I’m taking part of the Fuseum of Motography of Brussels. It moves to several places (eg. WIELS) his hundred little doors with an installation of Belgian photographers. This is not a sedentary museum but an itinary museum following up on what Marcel Duchamp did with his suitcase museum. This is an intimate performance, visual and tactile. Curated by Recyclart

Erik Kessels - The Contemporary Dutch Photo Book, Tiff Collective, Poland (2014):
The exhibition presents over 50 contemporary dutch photobooks with the introduction of Erik Kessels, the curator of the festival. Touch has been selected for this exhibition.

Unseen Dummy Award 2014 Tour during Belfast Photo Festival (2015):
showcase of the dummy of ’Rise’

Undercover, St Petersburg Museum of Modern Art Erarta (2013/14):
exhibition of contemporary Dutch photo books

Dutch Doc Award 2013, Tropenmuseum Amsterdam (2013):
Touch was one of the six  nominated works that were exhibited at the Tropenmuseum. See impression of the installation, Read more

Bredaphoto 2012, Breda (2012): Touch was on display during Bredaphoto 2012

Katendrecht V, Cape Belvedere Katendrecht, Rotterdam (2011):
together with seven other third-year students in documentary photography at St. Joost Art Aacademy in Breda. This book is a collection of the exhibited work.

Fotodok, Photo Festival Naarden, 2009: group exhibition in ‘The Cathedral’ (an open air exhibition venue) focusing on the case of Belgian village Doel that has been threatened by expansions of the port of Antwerp for more than half a century. An exhibition catalogue in the form of a newspaper was published by Fotodok.


Acquisitions of Touch publication by the following museums and organisations:

Shaky Ground at the Photobook Belge exhibition at Fomu (Fotomuseum Antwerp), in the category 'Recent Publications'

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